About Me

Hey guys, I'm Jeremy, a freelance photographer with a passion for aesthetics based in the little island of Singapore.  I'm not gonna write this in third person as I always find it weird, so here goes a little about ol' me:

I started off with a forte in design, having an interest in arts & the creative side of things.  Not knowing exactly what I wanted to do, I went with Interior Design for my diploma - earning a diploma with merit to boot, but alas it wasn't for me. Thus, I decided to try out Design Communication at LASALLE College of the Arts for my degree - which I also graduated from, hurrah! Though of course, I realized halfway through that it wasn't for me again... but thankfully I found photography, or at least it found me.

So I picked up my first DSLR in 2014 & I fell hard in love with photography ever since, growing a fondness & passion with fashion/editorial photography. I did try doing other forms of photography when I first started, but I found them to be meaningless and derivative, which is why I ended up with a focus in fashion photography. I definitely hope to expand & dive into the world of fashion photography a lot more,  and I'm always open to expanding and increasing my experience & portfolio whenever I can. As I like to say, "I live to create." Not to mention that my philosophy in life is, "Do something you love and you never have to work a day in your life."

In my spare time, I also wrote a food blog as a part-time hobby. This has also helped me improve on photography in general when I started as I had to constantly pay close attention to details, composition and lighting- as well as not bothering with distractions around me during a shoot. Unfortunately, I've stopped blogging for some time now, but I do try to keep up on my food Instagram from time to time, so do take a look if you love food!